Saturday, March 28, 2015

Your text means that you LOVE me

Matt and I work together at this parenting thing.  As dad's go, Matt rocks.  he is calm, involved and lightens the mode when I get too intense (his word, not mine).  I do get intense from time to time, say when we can't find someone's shoes for the 100th time and the bus is on the way.  Matt keeps calm by making a joke or reminding me that it is not that big of a deal.  I SOMETIMES accept his feedback and calm down, but most times I just keep the steam rolling machine of this family moving forward by finding that shoe (or coat, or baby doll or book bag or marker or hair bow) and staying intense. 
I believe that as we parent together, we polarize each other a bit...the more intense I get, the calmer Matt gets.  I have seen it go the other way too, where Matt becomes the yeller and I lighten the mood (it has happened, don't be so surprised), but most of the time we fall to our standard norms....Anna the dictator, Matt the cool guy. 
One day when I was out for the evening with work, Matt sent me this text.  He sent it in the middle of a time that he was managing all 4 on his own at the witching hour of kid pick up/dinner prep time, so I have ultimate sympathy.  I know I read more into this text than he meant, but I took it a a deep-seated thank you for my crazy, intense way of managing the family hard times.  I loved it so much, I kept the text.  I shared it with everyone.  Heck, I am putting it on a BLOG. 

Matt, the crazy is always just a text away. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How was sky diving Harper?

I was going through the pictures on my phone to clean out the 1000+ items to make room for more.  I found this little gem that Harper left me after an evening she spent playing with a few roles of sports tape.  I don't know where she comes up with this stuff, but I do love the full explanation for the camera.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Abby's loose tooth

Like ticks, loose teeth are gross to me.  It turns out, when you have children, there are lots of loose teeth in my house on a regular basis.  Abby has a few of them right now.  One night after a week of teeth literally hanging out of her mouth, she got up the courage to let Matt try to get them out with pliers.  The whole family gathered around to see the "removal". Abby was a trooper, right up to the time that Matt put the pliers next to her face.  Like any reasonable person, she freaked out, ran away, and screamed. 
To Abby's credit, she pulled one tooth by herself right after the freak out.  The other tooth took a different path.  She let "hang" for a few more days until it fell out in her hand. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Nasty Ingredients

Harper's new favorite game is to make "nasty ingredients."  I love the way she says "ingredients."  The word is too big for her but she goes after it with gusto.  That's my girl.  
The game consists of Harper getting a few spices (any will do), a bowl or two, a liquid, and a detailed monologue.  On this day, I see that she has toast pieces, sugar, cumin and water.  Harper, I can't wait to see what you make. 

C at the sink

What is it about a baby, water, and a cup that children are so drawn to?  C is getting to be a grown up little baby (you can't tell around her paci, I know) and has discovered the joys of playing in the sink.  For an hour, she will stand there, filling up cups, bowls, bread bags (as seen in the picture, my mistake of leaving to close to her) and anything else she can get her hands on.  Rock it out C.  You join the full group of Perryman children who have done this at the sink at your age.  

Sunday, December 21, 2014


I do love my birthday.  This year, we celebrated at Dunkin Donuts and then all weekend.  I was surrounded by all of my favorite people who were so full of donuts, they couldn't stop themselves from enjoying my day with me.
Thanks kids for making it a great start to year 34. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Putting the tree up for Christmas

Nothing says that holiday season like getting the tree set up.  We like to make the event a family affair.  We all pitch in and help, but there are traditional roles we all usually take on. 
1. Matt lifts.  He also encouraged the kids to help lift. 
2. The big kids fuss.  They don't want to touch the tree.
3. I move furniture. 
4. Cecilia cries because no one was paying attention to her.
5. Harper tries to look busy holding her towel so she doesn't have do do with Matt is making the big kids do. 
6. Matt brings in the tree stand.  He encourages the big kids to lie on the floor and tighten the bolts around the tree.
7. The big kids fuss that the bolts are difficult to tighten. Needles are falling on them. Harper doesn't have to do anything.
8. I get the vacuum.
9 Cecilia calms down with a snack.
10. Harper moves into the other room to find another towel. 
11.  Matt tightens all the bolts. 
12.  I give Matt a big hug.